Payton--After I sent you off to bed after your millionth screaming fit today I thought of a few tips that may help you to avoid these emotional breakdowns in the future.
**You really can't live on Fruit Bars. I know they taste good and it seems like they might be healthy, but they're not. And refusing to anything but fruit bars isn't going to get you anywhere.

**When "Cars" is over, it's not the end of the world....Really. You have it easy. If we wanted to let you watch it again all we would have to do is push a button. When I was a kid we had to sit and wait while the VHS tape went through the whole rewind process. It was killer.

**When your dad tells you not to jump on the booth at Panda Express, you should listen to him. Then you would avoid falling and hitting your eye on the corner of the table. And we could avoid looking like abusive parents.

**I know it may seem like a good idea to try to pull my shirt down when we're standing in line at a store, but that is the quickest way to get mommy to put you down and refuse to pick you back up. I prefer to keep my shirt on. Thanks.

**And finally, when you've been naughty, but I still try to sing to you or talk to you to get you to calm down and you hit me in the face..............Well that won't ever end well.

Just keep those things in mind next time, okay little man?


Gizdich Farms

A few weeks ago we went to a lovely little place in Watsonville called Gizdich Farms. They had beautiful Orchards, places for the kids to play, and homemade apple juice and fresh homemade pies. It was the best day ever! (I would show more pictures, but blogger went all whacko after I uploaded my first batch. These will have to do.)


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