My dearest Momsie is turning 60! My Dad has graciously decided to fly me and the boys out to Utah for two weeks. Unfortunately Nate will be staying here and going to school. And sadly, he'll be watching the Super Bowl with out me.....

If I don't post anything in the next two weeks it's because I'll be too busy actin' a foo' with these guys.....


He knows what's up

Payton likes to sing. Yesterday we were in the car and he was singing one of his cute little songs. I couldn't tell if he was repeating "Mommy" over and over again or if he was saying "money." I turned to him and said, "Are you saying Mommy?" He literally yelled out, "NO!" Then I said, "Are you saying Money?" He gets a big smile on his face, says "YES" and continues singing, "Money, money, money, money.."


Great new video

Catholicvote.com has once again put out a great video. I think they did a great job showing their Pro-Life stance without being insulting to anyone who is Pro-Choice. I thought it was inspiring and uplifting.


The Sickness...

I've had no exciting posts lately because my camera is broken so I've had no way of capturing the wonderful things my chillens' do on a daily basis. And, we've been sick for weeks so that has been occupying my time.

I have an upper respiratory infection. Payton was in the hospital yesterday because he was dehydrated, has an ear infection, gastroenteritis, and a small case of pneumonia. If you're curious how they do the x-ray on a small child to check the lungs for pneumonia.....I found an unfortunate picture of some other persons baby for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


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