jackson is a little missionary in training. and I can't take very much credit for this because he's usually the one reminding me to have f.h.e. he gets up in the morning, gets dressed, then urges us to hurry up so we can get to church on time. when i haven't heard from him in a while i'll usually find him off reading his scriptures. it just comes naturally to him.

he also seems to find the cutest ways to bring Jesus into conversations. he has an adorable friend who is originally from the middle east. he is a different religion so he isn't familiar with Jesus. they were playing mario brothers and discussing the various worlds in the game. then jackson said, "actually we're in Jesus' world because he created the world." then they continued playing and after a while jackson's friend said, "look! you're Jesus!" jackson replied saying, "no. i'm not Jesus. i don't have girl hair and i didn't die for the sins of the world."


birthday, baseball, harry potter

I would've posted pictures of Payton's first T-Ball game on Tuesday, his 4th birthday on Wednesday, and Jackson's first Machine-pitch baseball game.........but I can't find the charger for my camera.

So, sad for you guys that you don't get to see all that.

On a happier note, we bought Harry Potter 7.1 today. I've already watched twice. Gonna watch it a third time here in a few minutes. Remember over the summer when I got so excited about seeing the HP 7.1 trailer for the first time. Time sure flies by doesn't it?



i was convinced that girls were the only ones who cut their own hair. jackson never tried to cut his hair. he did cut a couple of his shirts. but never his beautiful blond hair. so i was really surprised when i discovered payton had snuck off and given himself a haircut. i found him before he caused too much damage, but i was so sad to have to cut his adorable hair at all.

i thought maybe since he saw his mom cutting hair all the time he wanted to try it himself, but word on the street is that boys experiment with their hair just as much as girls do. so i guess it was inevitable.

needless to say, i have hidden all the scissors.


turtles & tigers

the beautiful, yet sporadic spring weather that we've been having lately brought us to the zoo. we found our dream pet. a giant turtle. i know it wouldn't be a fun pet, but how cool would it be to have a ginormous yard turtle?

the tiger was in rare form! usually when we get there the tigers are sleeping the day away. this guy was pacing around the cage then came down right up by the glass for a little dip in the water. he was trying to get a barrel that was in the pond but was too chicken to get in there far enough. what a wuss!


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