since yesterday was my 28th birthday i had a girls night with my mom and my sister. We went out for buffalo wings and saw eclipse. I find the best thing to do when going to watching any movie from "the twilight saga" is to go with absolutely no expectations at all, then you'll really find that you enjoyed yourself!

for real though, the part that really excited me about the whole eclipse experience was the harry potter trailer!!!!!! Yeah I've already seen it like 29 times, but I can't get enough of harry potter. if he were a real live person i would stalk him. i would be his biggest fan and i would beg him to have babies with me. that's how much i love harry potter. i've read all 7 books at least 10 times each, but really probably more.

after we watched the movie i went home, went to bed, then got out my ipod touch and watched the harry potter trailer in bed for another twenty minutes. i get chills every time. then i fell asleep and had harry potter dreams. he's my dream lover.

so, who wants to see it with me when it finally comes out in theatres?!?!?!?!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had fun with your family...didn't know about your Harry Potter obsession...good times!

Brooks said...

Hehe, yeah, watch the movies with NO expectations. Although the third one was definitely better than the other two. Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

Twilight Saga is fun... but I'm right thee with you... love, LOVE,LOVE HARRY POTTER I can't wait for NOV. I'm gonna start the book again!good stuff.


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