Just complaining

My computer is G-A-Y

Not in a homosexual way, just in a "I'm a crappy PC and I freeze up all the time and won't let any programs open because I'm a loser" kind of way.

I was sitting down at my good ol' lame face computer to edit pictures of my husbands departure for all of you to see and once again it's pulling the same crap as usual. I'm about ready to throw the thing over the balcony and wash my hands of it. But, I'll wait to do that until I can buy a
MacBook Pro

{Apple rules all}


the rowley mama said...

My compy was doing that... Then I realized that I only had 1 G of RAM, which isn't nearly enough to run any program, let alone Photoshop. So maybe upgrade your ram? I could only upgrade to 2G cuz my compy is so old (we'll probably get a Mac, too :) ) but that will have to wait for a later day...

Good luck with your stupid-face compy!

Bradley said...

you let me know when you need help with your mac. i'm your mac guy and you all know it!


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