My cousin passed away two weeks ago and we just had his funeral on Saturday. Funerals are always so hard, but this one really got me. Not just because he was my cousin and he was so wonderful, but because he was also a soldier and got military honors at his funeral. I burst into tears when I saw the American Flag draped across his casket, but surprisingly I kept my composure during the funeral. I thought the worst was over but at the burial he was honored with a 21 gun salute and taps. I couldn't contain my emotion at that point.

Not only was I overcome with sadness for my dear cousin, but I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility that I could be in this same spot again anytime in the next year since I just sent my husband and am about to send another brother to war in the middle east. Between my husband, 3 brothers and 1 sister-in-law our family has been in Iraq going on 8 times. After a while you start to wonder if your luck has run out and one of your loved ones might come home in a casket.

Please support the troops and pray for our soldiers!


Desiree and Lars said...

I support than, and need to get better at praying for them. I'll make sure to pray for yours specially. Love ya girl!

Jamie J Stansfield said...

I'll put you all in our prayers too! What an amazing family you have to be such patriots! Thank you for protecting us! I can only imagine what the funeral was like. I hope and pray you will not need to go to another one any time soon!

mamãe said...

Oh, Jessica! We pray for the troops all the time (since ours in one, too, of course) - and we hope and pray for their safe return.

I hope you don't have to attend another funeral like this for a loooong looooong time (and hope that I don't either!)

You are a strong woman, and I admire you!

Bradley said...

Jessica I absolutely love you. You are an inspiration. I love our soldiers so much! I love your soldiers so much! Your family should be so very proud. They've always been listed amongst my heroes. Thanks for being a military wife and mother.


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