Pure Vanilla. From Mexico

Since my husband is gone I went to my parents house this year for my birthday. My dad also invited my other siblings over for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and go to his ward father and sons camp-out. There just happens to be 10 grandsons in the family.

My brother Jacob was there and loves me for so many reasons. #1) He loves to listen to me play the piano #2) I give his wife and daughter beautiful hair-dos #3) I'm funny #4) He thinks I'm a wonderful baker.

It seems that every time we're in the same house I end up finding all the ingredients for cookies or a cake or some other treat neatly placed out on the counter and he's got a big smile on his face like a little boy waiting for Christmas.

My birthday present from him this year was another one of those not-so-subtle hints that he'd like me to do some baking for him.

He travels a lot for his job and recently found himself very close to the Mexico border. He brought me a little souvenir from his trip that could be used to make him many little treats.

I feel like I'm buying a lot of Vanilla when I buy the 8 oz. bottle of Imitation Vanilla.


But he went all out and bought me 32 oz. of pure vanilla.


And I feel super cool because not only is it pure vanilla. But it's pure vanilla From Mexico.

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the rowley mama said...

Yum. That's all I have to say about that.

Oh yeah, and when we move back to UT you should bake me some yummy "moving back" treats and bring them to me so our kids can jump on the tramopline together :) Just kidding about the baking goodies for me - not kidding at all about your kids coming over to jump on the trampoline! :D


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