i already posted this picture on facebook, but it's just too cute to not post on here as well.

jackson has been growing his hair out for a few months. i really try to let him decide how he wants to fix his hair. there a many days when when shows up at school with his hair combed straight back and he looks like a grandpa. for some reason he really likes that look.

i have to admit i was taken back when the subject of his most recent hair-do came up. he wants to shave his head when school gets out, but it was getting so shaggy that i at least had to trim around the edges. after it was cut he said.............

"mom, can you fix my hair like justin bieber?"

it COMPLETELY shocked me to hear that phrase. i have never ever heard him say that name before so i didn't think he knew who he was.

i was a good sport about the whole thing. i did the biebster hair-do the best that i could. if you asked me, i'd say he's way cuter than justin bieber. but that's just me.


{medium sized munchkin}

i love watching my medium sized munchkin play baseball

i'm also newly obsessed with animating my photos. deal with it, world.

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sick weekend

i was sick this weekend.

but saturday was the first time the sun shined in a week so i had to take my boys to their baseball games on saturday. i needed sun. then i also met a lady at the park in the hopes that she'd buy my dog. i haven't heard back from her, so i guess she bought that darn min pin she was going to look at after looking at milo.


i guess i was more tired that i thought i was. i laid down on the couch at about 6:00 to rest a little bit and fell asleep. my boys had the run of the house and the dog was left outside on the patio. i woke up at 4 a.m. freezing cold because i'd left the sliding door open. milo was shivering in his bed on the patio, and my little boys were asleep in their beds.

in the morning i asked jackson why he didn't wake me up. he said, "i don't know. you were sleeping so me and payton just watched a movie and went to bed."

i love those kids. and i can't wait until they have two parents at home to take care of them. just think how great it would've been if my husband had been home. i could've went to sleep in my bed and he could've taken care of the boys.

oh well. you do what you have to do.

speaking of my husband though, check out the stache that he was rocking before christmas.


{baby quilt}

my friend was super excited to find out that after having two boys she's having a GIRL this time! i wanted to make an extra special quilt for baby girl to have when she comes into this world.



did you know that i'm kinda obsessed with being on time. i'm not saying i'm always on time, but i generally am. and if i find myself running late i get really anxious and paranoid. i grew up being taught that "on time is 10 minutes early". i love my mom for teaching me that.

did you also know that i love clocks. like, i literally LOVE them. so the big question is........do i love clocks because i love being on time, or do i love being on time because i love clocks?

it's a real head-scratcher isn't it?

i realized my love for clocks when my mom gave me two of her antique clocks.
when my parents sold the home i grew up in they had all of us kids go through and claim the things we wanted to inherit. i only chose three things. my first choice and the most obvious one was the piano. the other two things were the clocks. after i got married i finally had them in my possession. that's when the obsession was realized and now my house has a clock any place i can fit one. it's tastefully done. i promise you, it looks good.

i think some husbands would think this kind of thing was dumb. but i'm pleased to say that my sweet husband embraces my weird habits and collections. he even sent me a clock for mothers day.

i'm trying not to push my luck with this whole thing though. there is a cuckoo clock that i really really want. it's the exact model that my grandmother has had in her house since i've been alive. he may have a problem with this clock because it chimes all-the-time. i love the chiming.

i think he might dislike it.


stick a fork in me......i'm done

i literally feel like i'm married to my phone. my lover-on-the-side is the computer. that's the only contact i have with my husband. have i mentioned that i don't like to talk on the phone? so can you imagine how hard it is to despise one of the only forms of contact you have with your lover?

i am so done with this thing.

the weird thing is that the closer he gets to coming home the more depressed i get and the more i lose my mind. not because i'm nervous about him coming home. just because i want him home now!

don't worry about me though. fleetwood mac is getting me through. and on the subject of fleetwood mac...super huge shout-out to glee for introducing a whole new generation to one of my most favorite albums ever. if you don't have "rumours" go to itunes and download it now.

on a side note, if anyone is wanting a dog that resembles a large rat, let me know. i love milo. he's adorable and sweet and cute, but if i'm being honest i kinda want to punt him like a football. i'm just a little too overwhelmed at the moment to give him the love that he needs.


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