stick a fork in me......i'm done

i literally feel like i'm married to my phone. my lover-on-the-side is the computer. that's the only contact i have with my husband. have i mentioned that i don't like to talk on the phone? so can you imagine how hard it is to despise one of the only forms of contact you have with your lover?

i am so done with this thing.

the weird thing is that the closer he gets to coming home the more depressed i get and the more i lose my mind. not because i'm nervous about him coming home. just because i want him home now!

don't worry about me though. fleetwood mac is getting me through. and on the subject of fleetwood mac...super huge shout-out to glee for introducing a whole new generation to one of my most favorite albums ever. if you don't have "rumours" go to itunes and download it now.

on a side note, if anyone is wanting a dog that resembles a large rat, let me know. i love milo. he's adorable and sweet and cute, but if i'm being honest i kinda want to punt him like a football. i'm just a little too overwhelmed at the moment to give him the love that he needs.


Amy said...

UGH. I only had Lance gone for four months but I remember how skype was great but annoying because I wasn't really right here with him. You have been through a lot having him gone and I wish you the best as you wait out this last bit! Thank you for supporting him and for his service!

Ginger said...

I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert when I was 17-ish. Loved it so much that I cried.

Jessica said...

Thanks Amy.

Ginger, you are so freaking lucky :)

Amanda said...

Every single thing you said is exactly how I feel too! I am sick of carrying my phone around like a lovesick teenage girl and sitting on it in church with it set to vibrate in case he calls then. And the closer it gets the harder it is! Weird. AND what you said to me about wanting Payton to wipe his own rear end?? YES! Matthew tried once and there was poop everywhere. I guess he's not ready yet.

Sarah said...

Oh! Might have to start re-watching Glee just for that. Fleetwood Mac is one of the all time greats.


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