did you know that i'm kinda obsessed with being on time. i'm not saying i'm always on time, but i generally am. and if i find myself running late i get really anxious and paranoid. i grew up being taught that "on time is 10 minutes early". i love my mom for teaching me that.

did you also know that i love clocks. like, i literally LOVE them. so the big question is........do i love clocks because i love being on time, or do i love being on time because i love clocks?

it's a real head-scratcher isn't it?

i realized my love for clocks when my mom gave me two of her antique clocks.
when my parents sold the home i grew up in they had all of us kids go through and claim the things we wanted to inherit. i only chose three things. my first choice and the most obvious one was the piano. the other two things were the clocks. after i got married i finally had them in my possession. that's when the obsession was realized and now my house has a clock any place i can fit one. it's tastefully done. i promise you, it looks good.

i think some husbands would think this kind of thing was dumb. but i'm pleased to say that my sweet husband embraces my weird habits and collections. he even sent me a clock for mothers day.

i'm trying not to push my luck with this whole thing though. there is a cuckoo clock that i really really want. it's the exact model that my grandmother has had in her house since i've been alive. he may have a problem with this clock because it chimes all-the-time. i love the chiming.

i think he might dislike it.

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Ginger said...

My mother-in-law has clocks all over her house and they make noises. Sleeping in their house is difficult for me. She is always on time.


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