Baby Quilts

In an effort to keep myself busy I decided to start quilting again.

My desire to start quilting came at just the right time becuase I also just found out that I'm going to have another little nephew in a few months.

I decided to mix things up this time and make some burp cloths to match the blanket.

Now I'm making quilts for no one in particular. I'm making them just to make them now.




Curse you cell phones and my dependence on you!!!

For the first time EVER I really lost my cell phone. I wouldn't have been too worried about it but I don't have a home phone number so my cell is the only way I can communicate with Nate in Arizona. And of course I don't have any numbers written down. THEY'RE ALL IN MY CELL PHONE!!!

So after an annoyingly long wait at the Verizon store they were able to give me the exact model that I had before for the wonderful price of 80 freaking dollars (I got the last one FREE). And now even though I have a phone again who am I gonna call? I have no phone numbers people!

Stupid cell phones. I'm seriously considering getting rid of my cell phone and going back to a regular land-line and getting a phone with a cord. That way there's no way I'll lose my phone ever again!


I bought them for you

My husband has been in Arizona since October so I was pleasantly surprised to have these beautiful flowers delivered today.


They were sitting on the table next to Payton while he ate his snack. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, these flowers are beautiful. I bought them for you!"

I thought that was pretty smooth for a two year old.

So......Happy Valentines Day to all of you!


Dancing Fool!

Jackson has great dance moves. Not "SO-YOU-THINK-YOU-CAN-DANCE" moves. Skinny uncoordinated white kid moves.

I know what your gonna think when you see him with his shirt off. My mom's reaction to him nudie when we moved back from Cali was the best. "HE LOOKS LIKE A HOLOCAUST VICTIM!"

I assure you. He's healthy. He eats all the time. He's just really skinny.


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