Dancing Fool!

Jackson has great dance moves. Not "SO-YOU-THINK-YOU-CAN-DANCE" moves. Skinny uncoordinated white kid moves.

I know what your gonna think when you see him with his shirt off. My mom's reaction to him nudie when we moved back from Cali was the best. "HE LOOKS LIKE A HOLOCAUST VICTIM!"

I assure you. He's healthy. He eats all the time. He's just really skinny.


lydia said...

that is freakin hilarious. It's funny...he looks just like you when you dance...lol lol lol.

Jessica said...

Where do you think he learned his moves!!! I'm the worst dancer in the world!!

Jackie said...

My favorite part was after jumping on the couch hearing him say, "That's a new one. I didn't know I could do that!"
Oh, fantastic!


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