I do my best cooking when I'm sick.

I'm just a picky eater in general, but when I'm not feeling well I'm a REALLY picky eater. When I'm sick there are only a few things that sound good to me. Chicken Noodle Soup. Roast Chicken. Stuffing. Mashed Potatoes. Potato Soup. Fresh Bread.

You know, all the good stuff that you eat when you go to Grandma's house.

But it can't be soup from a can, chicken from the store, instant mashed potatoes or Rhodes Frozen Bread. It has to be the real thing. Noodles made from scratch. Homemade stuffing shoved inside your chicken and roasted in your oven so your whole house smells. Real bread mixed in your mixer and set aside to rise for two hours.

I'm sick today, so of course that's what I spent my day doing. Roasting a chicken.

And there's a pie in the oven right now.


it finally happened

Remember back in January when I excitedly proclaimed that Jackson had his first loose tooth?? Well here we are 9 months later and that tooth has finally come out!!!

I was too chicken to really pull the tooth hard so unfortunately he ended up walking around for a few days looking all snaggle-toothed and weird.


But after my sister really loosened the tooth up for me I gathered the courage to pull it. Since we'd tried many times before and I'd scream every time I tried to pull the tooth I got Jackson pretty scared about the whole situation. I had to take drastic measures in order to get that tooth out. Bribery didn't work so the next option was sneak attack. I called him into my bathroom and when he walked around the corner I put him in a headlock and yanked his tooth out before he even knew what happened.



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