my husband knows how to get a laugh out of me.

i don't know if i'm just easily entertained or he's incredibly funny. maybe it's both.

either way, this dude strikes the funniest poses for my benefit. he'll want to die if he ever finds out that i posted one of his pictures, but i'm pretty sure he isn't one the two regulars who read my blog so i'm gonna cross my fingers and hope he never sees it.

this photo is one of many photos that i took up in idaho. he was rolling around in the grass and posing against the tree and the garage. each one funnier than the next. i'll keep the funniest ones for myself, but i'm gonna share this little gem with ya'll.

hope you think it's as funny as i did



another year

this guy is back in school. am i the worst mother in the world if i feel relieved that he's back in school? it's not like i don't like having him around. he's my baby and i love having him around. but, i feel a little less insane when there's only one shortee who's always hungry trailing behind me all day long than when i have two shortee's who are always hungry trailing behind me all day long.

was that a run-on sentence or what?


life lately: iphone edition

we had a spectacular weekend.

one of my oldest and dearest friends was sealed in the temple and i had the privilege of being there.

we spent the weekend in idaho at my grandma's and i got to see two siblings and their families. i rarely see them so it was a treat.

we also got lots of quality time in with my grandma. she stayed up with us until about 11:30 one night while we asked her all kinds of questions about her life. we looked at the most amazing collection of photos and learned so much about her that we didn't know.

it was definitely my favorite weekend of the entire summer :)


the pictures aren't great.....

.....but the concert was!

any josh groban fans reading my blog?????

i've never been a groban fan per-se, but i've always recognized and respected his incredible talant. so on saturday when one of my besties told me she got free tickets and invited me to go i wasn't sure if i should say 'yes' or 'no'. i went back and forth with it for about 30 minutes. i'd already had a 'girls night' with my sister during the week to see a movie, so i kinda felt guilty leaving my family for another girls night. even though nate was telling me to go, i had myself convinced that he'd be mad at me if i did.

so i sad no.

then about two seconds later i called my friend right back and said yes!!

thank goodness i did.

it was me and my besties out on the town leaving our children behind and living it up! I only knew two of the songs (and one of them was a Neil Diamond cover), but the music was amazing and the company was great.

thank goodness for a friend who got free tickets at the last minute.........from her ex-husband!!!!


the guys

I tried so hard to get those boys to smile and look handsome for a picture, but this is the best that I could get. Crappy picture or not, they're a handsome bunch.


{baby on a quilt}

remember that quilt i made for my nephew max? well his mom sent me pictures of him playing gleefully on the quilt and i couldn't pass up the chance to show the world the pictures.


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