sfgirlbybay recently featured a swedish photographer and designer Hilda Grahnat and my nerdy little heart skipped a beat when i saw photos of her studio apartment.

i believe i have previously mentioned how much i love clocks. i loooooove them. then throw in the hardbound books and you'll find me drooling.

how cute are those clocks?



i don't spend a lot of time on here talking about how much i love my husband. maybe i think no one really wants to hear it. or maybe it's because public displays of affection make me uncomfortable.

i'm sure it's both of those things.

but if you ever laid awake at night wondering what it is that i love about this man here it is.

here is one of the little things that makes him so great.

when he buys clothes he doesn't have the patience to try them on. he sees what he likes, buys it, and comes right home.

when he tries on said newly purchased clothes to see how they look he realizes they are too small.

but instead of getting mad or annoyed he dances around, makes funny faces, flexes his muscles, and lets me take pictures while i laugh so hard that i start "lizzing" (laughing+whizzing).

then he packs the clothes up and tries to get me to take them back to the mall because he'll be embarrassed about going back 45 minutes after he left.

but i don't do it.

that's love.



i used to have a dog. i had wanted one for ever and ever and ever. when nate was gone i kept asking him if i could get a dog. he kept saying no. so naturally i went out and bought a dog anyway. i took a picture of him with the boys and sent an email to nate that just said "sorry :)". being the nice person that he is, he didn't get too mad at me. i spent 9 wonderful months with that dog before i got caught and forced by the landlord to get rid of him. 

i've had a few months to recover from the loss of my dog and have now focused my attention on bunnies. i really want a house bunny. nate keeps telling me to wait until we live somewhere that allows pets. he's super paranoid that i'm just going to go out and get a pet anyway. so i preyed on that fear and played a little joke on him :)

payton and i spent the afternoon at a friends house playing with their bunnies and ducklings. i took a picture of the bunny and sent a text to nate.

he was asleep at the time. so it was a perfect time to send the message. he'd wake up groggy and a little grumpy, then as he's heading off to class he checks his messages and sees this! he was so mad at first! but after about 15 seconds i couldn't contain my laughter anymore and when he realized i was playing a trick on him he got a good laugh out of it too. 

you gotta mess with each other from time to time. it keeps the relationship lively.


greatest hits

sometimes i miss those days when you HAD to develop photos in order to see them. granted, half of those developed photos ended up looking like shiz, but at least they were there. they existed in a physical form that you could touch and carry with you.

too many wonderful photos live on my computer and have been forgotten. though with my new mac they seem much more accessible. i've been going through all of our photos and brightening them up. therein lies the beauty of digital photography. those photos that would've turned out dark and lackluster after being developed can now be given new life through the magic of photoshop.

now i just need to commit to developing those photos that have been given a new lease on life.

here are some of my faves, many of which have been seen on here before...



isn't it great when jumping off of an electrical box provides an hour of solid fun for your boys? if only they'd had their capes on, maybe they would've flown..



Someday he might be a doctor, a lawyer, a soldier, or as he says "a sharkologist". He may someday be the valedictorian, the quarterback on the football team, or the captain of the swim team. He may go to an Ivy League school. He might be president someday. Or maybe, just maybe, he might find a cure for cancer.

But last night.......he was just a kid who fell asleep with his hand down his pants.



are you addicted to "draw something" yet?? i haven't really gotten into all the interactive games available to us now. but i was spending the day with my sister last week and she made me get the draw something app. my life will never be the same.

get the app and find me (through facebook) and you'll get to guess gems like these....


everybody's best friend

payton just spent 1 & 1/2 weeks in idaho with grandma and grandpa. he's never spent more than a few days away before. he and i are almost completely attached at the hip so this trip was obviously going to be an adjustment for me. i really didn't think it would be hard for jackson or our friend armin to be away from him. armin comes over every day after school and several times each day i heard both of them talking about how much they missed payton. payton is the humor in all of our lives so it was a very quiet week. luckily he's back and things are back to normal, just the way we like it.


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