greatest hits

sometimes i miss those days when you HAD to develop photos in order to see them. granted, half of those developed photos ended up looking like shiz, but at least they were there. they existed in a physical form that you could touch and carry with you.

too many wonderful photos live on my computer and have been forgotten. though with my new mac they seem much more accessible. i've been going through all of our photos and brightening them up. therein lies the beauty of digital photography. those photos that would've turned out dark and lackluster after being developed can now be given new life through the magic of photoshop.

now i just need to commit to developing those photos that have been given a new lease on life.

here are some of my faves, many of which have been seen on here before...


Ginger said...

How cute. I hate using Photoshop because it's so slow and slows everything down so I never edit our personal pics unless it's a small tweak in Picassa. I need a Mac to do that I guess.

Jessica said...

Oh Ginger photoshop used to take FOREVER until I figured out what "actions" were. I still do things manually, but actions make everything so easy and so worth it.

Amanda said...

They don't tell you when they send you to Monterey that you will be ruined for life and never be truly happy living anywhere else. Dang it.

Jessica said...

You're so right Amanda! Nate and I dream up plans all the time for how we can get back there and never leave.

And BTW I think congratulations are in order. You had another little girl right??


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