Is there a mouse in my house.....

...........That likes to nibble on butter???
Or do I have a two year old who didn't believe me when I said "We're all out of cheese" so went on a discovery mission and found something that just HAD to be cheese. I bet he was a little thrown off by the taste, but clearly he decided to go for it.

This is proof that McKenzie blood does in fact run through his veins. We love our butter. Just talk to my Dad.



Nate is almost done with school!! He starts testing next week. As long as he passes everything we will be moving back to Utah on September 4th!! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to move back. I was in a panic the other night trying to figure out what I wanted to do with Jackson. I was originally planning on staying here in Cali when Nate went off to Arizona for 5 months for more training and I didn't feel comfortable with Jackson starting Kindergarten out here. I don't know why, I just didn't. So now all this Utah business got thrown into the mix and I sat up all night Thursday night thinking about all the things I need to get figured out. I looked online to see when school started at Bella Vista Elementary school and he will be missing the first two days of school and the Kindergarten Interview/Assessment dates. I called the school knowing that no one would be there since it was July and I left a message thinking no one would call me back for two weeks. But, I got a phone call "bright and early" this morning at 7:30 a.m.!!!! Even though we'll be getting there late he'll still get to go!!!

I can't believe he's old enough for Kindergarten. And he's so excited too. He been asking me for weeks when he gets to go back to school. He loved his pre-school class and I know he'll really love Kindergarten.

These photos were taken on his last day of pre-school. Look at that little girl behind him showing some skin. Scandalous!!!!


Water Babies

Most nights when bath-time rolls around I'm tired, grumpy and thinking about all the things that I still need to get done before I can lay down to rest. While they're playing I usually try to muti-task and get as much done as I can all while staying within arms reach of the bathroom.

When I finally take the time to sit in there with them and not be all uptight about the splashing I appreciate their craziness, insanity and thirst for fun.


R.I.P. Crib

Last Sunday was a sad night in the Boden household. But when I say household I mean ME. Cute little Payton and his rambunctious ways broke the crib. The child likes to jump on the bed and I guess he jumped one too many times. Nate and I happened to be right across the hall. Luckily he was right there because me and my deaf little self didn't hear anything. I thought Nate was just being old and senile and hearing things. But sure enough, when we went in to check on him the mattress was sinking abnormally low.
I seemed to be the only one truly affected by this. I think Payton was secretly pleased with himself, and Jackson was just happy to have a reason to stay up. I was sad for two reasons:

I wasn't ready for Payton to move out of the crib!! He's a determined little boy who likes to party. He pushes the limits as far as he can (while still being unbelievably cute) and I just wasn't ready for the bed-time battle.

I was also sad because this crib had some sentimental value for me. I bought it for Jackson for his first birthday. I was a poor single mom and was so happy to buy him that crib. In reality though, we got plenty of miles out of that little crib. Two babies and four good years. I think that's a lot to ask of a Wal-Mart crib.

I wanted to wait until we got to Utah to get a new bed. I wanted to get the boys twin bunk beds, but the current sleeping arrangement wasn't going to work out. We had Payton sleeping on his mattress on the floor. Nate went in to check on him at 4 in the morning and he was asleep on the hard-wood floor almost underneath Jackson's bed. So after a Craigslist find fell through I sped on over to our faithful Wal-Mart and purchased a pretty cute Toddler bed. After moving all the toys and anything else moderately entertaining out of the room Payton does go to sleep at night and even takes a nap during the day in it. I just have to get him really tired beforehand.

So, just as we're about to say goodbye to beautiful Monterey, we welcomed a beautiful dark brown Toddler Sleigh Bed into our little family. Good Luck. I'm betting the bed breaks in 7 months.



Well July 8th came and went without a single thing mentioned on this blog about my birthday. I did indeed turn 27 years old on July 8th. For the first time in what seems like forever Nate and I got a babysitter and went out on a date.

We ended the evening in Carmel-By-The-Sea, one of our favorite spots, to catch the beautiful sunset.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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