Cry-Fest 2010

I've decided that I didn't just buy Milo out of a spur-of-the-moment need for something fuzzy to sit in my lap in the evenings while I read.

On Saturday my parents came into town and I offered to let them take both my boys back up to their house for a few days. I was planning on heading up there today for Thanksgiving so I thought it would be nice to have some alone time so I could get some big projects done.

I've sent Jackson to Grandma's house plenty of times before, but I've never sent Payton there before. Payton is always my little partner in crime. I thought I could handle 3 nights without my boys. I was already lonely by Sunday morning....

Yesterday I was preparing for my trip up to Idaho to see my boys and spend the holiday. I kept feeling uneasy about the trip so I checked the weather report and saw that there is a blizzard in eastern idaho (where my parents live) and when its done there it will head to SLC.

So unless I want to try my luck driving through a blizzard I'm going to be spending a few more days alone. Luckily I have my sweet, fury little Milo to fill a teeny tiny part of the void that I feel without my kids here with me.

So even though I'll be able to spend Thanksgiving a good friend, I'm still re-naming this holiday "Cry-Fest 2010" since I won't be with my babies.




I'm glad I'm not the only one that falls asleep with their eye patch on.



puppy love

Have you ever noticed how after someone has a baby that's all they can talk about for like 6 months afterward??

Well you can expect that with me.

But I'm not talking about a baby.

I'm talking about my puppy.

{I ♥ milo}




I have two obsessions lately. One is the photos I took of the ocean while living in California. The other is editing said photos in Photoshop. I've pretty much edited all the photos worth editing.

Now guess what I'm doing with my free time??

I'm going through facebook finding other peoples photos of the ocean and editing them for my own pleasure.

On my cousins' facebook page I found some pictures from his trip to Florida and thought I'd brighten them up a little bit.

This is why Photoshop is the best thing in the world:





The Boden Family added a member to its ranks this week!

Milo T. Ruffscowitz is our sweety little ShiChi (Shih Tzu/Chihuahua).

I've been wanting a dog for about a year now and frequently found myself on KSL looking at the puppy ads. I saw so many adorable little puppies, but never found one that I just had to have. Finally on Sunday I saw a picture of this little guy and fell in love.

Mister Milo is the perfect addition to our little family!


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