puppy love

Have you ever noticed how after someone has a baby that's all they can talk about for like 6 months afterward??

Well you can expect that with me.

But I'm not talking about a baby.

I'm talking about my puppy.

{I ♥ milo}



Desiree and Lars said...

What am I suppose to talk about after 6 months? I'm at 8 months and she has taken over my blog. Haaa

Your little guy is adorable! I wanna hear all about him, for at least 6 months. ;)

Oh, and I thought this was a pregnancy announcement at first...and thought, wait a sec, Nate's deployed. How does that work. lol

Jessica said...

Every once in a while I like to word things in a way that might momentarily make people think that I'm pregnant. It would be highly suspicious if I announced a pregnancy when Nate's been gone since June. Highly suspicious. I do want a baby, but that's where the puppy comes in!

He's a little sweetheart too. Such a cute little personality and doing so good with his training. I could go on and on, but puppy talk isn't as cute as baby talk. And your baby is so cute that you could easily talk about her and only her for at least 4 more months. Seriously.


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