i don't spend a lot of time on here talking about how much i love my husband. maybe i think no one really wants to hear it. or maybe it's because public displays of affection make me uncomfortable.

i'm sure it's both of those things.

but if you ever laid awake at night wondering what it is that i love about this man here it is.

here is one of the little things that makes him so great.

when he buys clothes he doesn't have the patience to try them on. he sees what he likes, buys it, and comes right home.

when he tries on said newly purchased clothes to see how they look he realizes they are too small.

but instead of getting mad or annoyed he dances around, makes funny faces, flexes his muscles, and lets me take pictures while i laugh so hard that i start "lizzing" (laughing+whizzing).

then he packs the clothes up and tries to get me to take them back to the mall because he'll be embarrassed about going back 45 minutes after he left.

but i don't do it.

that's love.

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