the pictures aren't great.....

.....but the concert was!

any josh groban fans reading my blog?????

i've never been a groban fan per-se, but i've always recognized and respected his incredible talant. so on saturday when one of my besties told me she got free tickets and invited me to go i wasn't sure if i should say 'yes' or 'no'. i went back and forth with it for about 30 minutes. i'd already had a 'girls night' with my sister during the week to see a movie, so i kinda felt guilty leaving my family for another girls night. even though nate was telling me to go, i had myself convinced that he'd be mad at me if i did.

so i sad no.

then about two seconds later i called my friend right back and said yes!!

thank goodness i did.

it was me and my besties out on the town leaving our children behind and living it up! I only knew two of the songs (and one of them was a Neil Diamond cover), but the music was amazing and the company was great.

thank goodness for a friend who got free tickets at the last minute.........from her ex-husband!!!!

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