another year

this guy is back in school. am i the worst mother in the world if i feel relieved that he's back in school? it's not like i don't like having him around. he's my baby and i love having him around. but, i feel a little less insane when there's only one shortee who's always hungry trailing behind me all day long than when i have two shortee's who are always hungry trailing behind me all day long.

was that a run-on sentence or what?


Amy said...

Lol. No you are not the worst mother!! I pay $200 a month so Lilia can get-out-of-my-hair, uh, I mean, learn at pre-k five days a week. Oh and do you know what the worst mother does? Gets her kids up and ready in the morning, drives to school, only to remember it was canceled for a special training day for teachers that they told parents about a month ago. Not that I do stuff like that... :)

Jessica said...

Sooo glad I'm not the only one!

Amanda said...

he is adorable! has your beautiful eyes!

cute pic, love the sign!


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