{baby quilt}

my friend was super excited to find out that after having two boys she's having a GIRL this time! i wanted to make an extra special quilt for baby girl to have when she comes into this world.


Maria said...

LURB IT! Your pics are better than mine, so I am stealing them and posting them. Hope you are ok with that =] Thank you, so much! It's so beautiful. I can't wait to bring her into this world and wrap her up in it!

Sarah said...

So cute! I didn't know you quilted too!! It's so much fun don't you think? I'm actually atempting to do an etsy shop.
check out my quilt blog sometime.

Sarah said...
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Jessica said...

Sarah!!!! Good to hear from you!! I started quilting a about 5 years ago. I LOOOVE it! It's soothes me. I'm actually thinking about getting and etsy thing going too. I'll definitely check out your blog!!

Brandis said...

Holy moly Jess! I knew you were good at it but I didn't know you were THAT good at it! That little girl is a lucky baby! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Brandis :)


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