i already posted this picture on facebook, but it's just too cute to not post on here as well.

jackson has been growing his hair out for a few months. i really try to let him decide how he wants to fix his hair. there a many days when when shows up at school with his hair combed straight back and he looks like a grandpa. for some reason he really likes that look.

i have to admit i was taken back when the subject of his most recent hair-do came up. he wants to shave his head when school gets out, but it was getting so shaggy that i at least had to trim around the edges. after it was cut he said.............

"mom, can you fix my hair like justin bieber?"

it COMPLETELY shocked me to hear that phrase. i have never ever heard him say that name before so i didn't think he knew who he was.

i was a good sport about the whole thing. i did the biebster hair-do the best that i could. if you asked me, i'd say he's way cuter than justin bieber. but that's just me.

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Ginger said...

That hair-do suits him. Don't let him shave it! ;) He is too cool.


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