Clothing Optional

People may judge me when they see my son running all around town in his jammies. But what do you do? Getting him to wear clothes is a fight every day. The kid loves jammies. He likes to be comfortable.

His need for being comfortable is evolving in a way that I don't care too much for.

When I manage to get him to wear real clothes for an outing he takes them off within seconds of us walking through the door and puts on jammies. Recently though, he just takes off his pants and his underoos and tries walking around the house with his shirt being the one and only thing on his body.

Just when I put a stop to that he took it a step further.

Two nights ago I went in to check on the boys after they'd fallen asleep and he'd taken ALL his clothes off. He attempted to sleep that way again last night too! I got in there and put his jammies back on and he just slept right through it.

Let's hope this phase goes by quickly.

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Amanda said...

You have a little exhibitionist. I love it. Sorry about your flowers! That's my beef with animals - they are always messing up stuff. Kids do that too, but you love them more!


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