The Big Two

Can you believe sweet little Payton is two?? I can't believe it. I mean, when he sasses me and gives me attitude I can believe he's two. When makes a mad-dash for the park and almost outruns me (complete exaggeration) I can believe he's two. When he takes Jackson down and holds his own in a wrestling match I can believe he's two.

I guess it's just hard to believe that he was born two years ago, yet I'm still using the "I just had a baby" excuse for why I'm a little soft and squishy in the mid-section.

He had a fun birthday. He loves cars. LOVES cars. They are always on his mind. He has to have a car in each hand at night when he goes to bed. If I've picked him up in the night to give him a little love, when I put him down (and he's still completely asleep) his hand instantly reaches out for Lightning McQueen. As soon as he has it he snuggles it close to him and continues to sleep like a log.

So given his love of cars, his birthday was all about cars. I even made him a cars cake. The frosting had nothing to do with the movie, but hey, it had Cars cars on there so that makes it a cars cake!! In an attempt to get him excited about potty training we also got him some big boy Cars underwear. He prefers to wear those on his head as opposed to wearing them on his buns. He'll get there though. Grandma & Grandpa McKenzie supplied Payton with more Cars paraphernalia and the boys' Easter clothes. Grandma & Grandpa Child sent Payton birthday money so after the party we went to the Disney store so Payton could pick some things out. My advice is to never take a two year old to the Disney store in the afternoon when he hasn't had a nap and he's totally overwhelmed with having a party in his honor. He was pretty grumpy, but picked out some really cool little things. And of course, they were more cars. I think he has almost all the characters now.
So that's the run down. He's two, and we like it!


Amanda said...

Matthew is obsessed with Cars lately too - sleeps with them and everything. It sounds like he had a great birthday!

Jackie said...

I never said cute cake! Good job.
The boys and I are just sitting here looking at your pictures!


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