Dental Disaster

I did the most horrible thing tonight that I'm still seriously crying about!!!

Payton has a cute little monkey towel that he loves to put on after the bath so he can look at himself in the mirror. I guess I wrapped him pretty tight tonight :( I took him in my room so he could look in the full length mirror and I walked out of the room to get his pajamas. I just assumed that he'd stay in there and wait for me. About 3 seconds after I walked away I heard something fall hard on the floor and then Payton was screaming.

The poor little tyke had tripped on the edge of the towel and fell. His face slammed into the floor with full force since his hands were TRAPPED IN THE TOWEL!!!! Not only did he bust his gums open in multiple spots, but one of his front teeth was literally pushed halfway back up into his gums.

I've been beating myself up all evening because of it.

But he did do something really cute. After we got him cleaned up and calmed down we let him sit down and watch his favorite movie. He was sitting there sniffling while watching he show, then in his cute little voice he said, "Mom, can I have my scriptures?" He's carried them around all night. He even took them to bed with him. How nice that his scriptures bring him comfort even though he can't read them.


Jonathon and Sarah said...

Ahhhh, so sad.... and sweet. You must be teaching him well. I do that with towels all the time. Maybe I should stop.

the rowley mama said...

Oh man. Talk about ouch!!

Amanda said...

So sorry - that is rough! But how cute is he to carry his scriptures around? Do you have to take him to the dentist to check out that tooth?

Jessica said...

I called a bunch of Dentists yesterday and it seems like every dentist takes Friday off. How lazy right?? So I'll try to get him in on Monday, but I'm sure there isn't anything to do. I just hope the tooth doesn't die and fall out.


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