granny has skills

nate and my sister often tell me that although i'm a young lively 29-year-old, i'm much like an 80-year-old granny when it comes to my hobbies. apparently baking, sewing and quilting are qualities attributed to grandma's.

i guess they have their point. 

one of my goals in life is to be as talented as my grandma. 

and after we spent some time at her house in august i came home with a whole list of things she can do that i want to do. and she specifically told me that if i want to be a real quilter i need to learn to hand quilt. so i accepted that challenge and took on two projects that are blowing my mind in a totally amazing way. the obvious first choice for me was called "grandmother's flower garden". it's done completely by hand. each little piece is barely bigger than a quarter. it's semi-slow work, but the effect is soooooo beautiful.

the other quilt i started is done part by hand, and part by machine. i remember seeing one at my grandma's house when i was little and always thought that it was far to complicated for me to try. it involves a lot of folding, pinning & patience. the work is tedious but the end result is so incredible. 


Sarah said...

Jess, WOW! So gorgeous! I think we might have been eighty year old friends in another life...My hobbies are basically the SAME, and weird as it is...I have BOTH of those projects on my challenge list. Yours look fantastic, I know how much work goes into those! It's great to challeng yourself. Way to go! Do you know how to Can? That's another on my "granny skills" list.

Jamie J Stansfield said...

impressive! i tried hand quilting with my gma 5 years ago when we first moved to Utah. It was horrible I thought! It was painful and I was definitely slower than the 70-80 year old ladies I was working with! You are awesome to keep this talent going! I am impressed!

Becca said...

good job! I am completely impressed! I've got skads of fabric for quilts for the kiddos, but I haven't even made a pattern yet (I'm being ambitious and I am going to make my own pattern... for my first quilt. Probably not a good idea, but whatever). You inspire me! :)

Erin said...

Those are totally awesome!

Amy said...



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