Jackson's prayers

Jackson was saying his prayers last night and said the most adorable thing. He said,"I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful that Jesus died and hurt his hands. And I'm thankful that I saw stars in the temple." I'm always amazed at the things he says and the sweet spirit he has. When he's running around being a wild 3 year old I forget how close to the spirit he really is.

Sometimes his prayers are more on the funny side though. After Grandpa got his knee replacement surgery Jackson said this in his prayer, "Please bless Grandpa, and his Doctor, and his Butt." It still makes me laugh when I think about it. I'm so lucky that I get to be at home with my kids and be here for all the amazing things that they do. I am truly blessed.


John & Ashley Sellers said...
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John & Ashley Sellers said...

Hey Jess! Your kids are cute. Brendyn will be 8 months on Feb 15th. He is our little Chunky Monkey! He has 6 teeth as of yesterday and crauls. CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

The sight looks awesome babe! Keep up the good work. Love you all tons and tons.


jackie said...

HAHAHA! I never heard that prayer? Maybe I did? You had to have told me. That is so funny. I love Jackson!


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