Big Boys

Payton is trying so hard to be a big boy like Jackson. Jackson has patience with him and lets him follow him around trying to copy everything he does. Payton really studies what Jackson does and is interested in all his toys. I can't get him to play with baby toys. He only wants to play cars with Jackson. I love to watch them together. Moments like this one are priceless.

Payton just started waving. It's funny how those totally normal things are so adorable and exciting when a baby does them.

Nate made it to California. He hasn't started school yet. I think they're just keeping him busy for a couple more weeks doing in-processing and stuff like that. I'm not real sure though. We don't know yet when we'll be moving but I hope and pray that it's very soon. I've already started packing. I'm just so eager to see Nate and be a whole family again. The boys really miss having their Daddy around.

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