Well we're finally feeling settled into our new home! I can't believe we've been here almost 2 months. Nate is stressed out 90% of the time. School is pretty intense but he is doing well. The boys and I are having a great time. Jackson finally has a big yard to play in and he's been helping me pull weeds and plant flowers. We go for long walks every day and just enjoy looking out at the ocean.

Payton is developing the cutest little personality. He already has a great sense of humor. He's starting to talk and he's really close to walking.

He's a sweet little boy, but I can see that I've coddled him. He refuses to hold his own bottle and he won't feed himself. He'd rather not eat than have to feed himself. He's a little squirt and we can't get enough of him.

Jackson has loved meeting new people and having playgrounds so close. We have 3 great playgrounds within walking distance so that has been really nice. His coordination is improving and he's getting better at facing his fear of heights. He's just a big boy now. He tells me that every day. "Mommy I'm a big boy, don't boss me around." Unfortunately for him I'll be bossing him around for years to come!!

We're loving it here and everyone is happy and healthy. Payton just had his 1st birthday party. I was looking forward to him smearing chocolate frosting all over himself, but considering that A) he doesn't like to feed himself and B) he doesn't like to be messy, my dreams of taking the traditional "messy kid on his first birthday" did not come true. But he had a great birthday none-the-less.


Evolve Fit said...

Oh Jess, I miss you? You are still looking like you are making good progress. I heard you are loving california. I am anticipating your picture.... Keep me posted.

jackie said...

Nate (Mr. Skinny) you look great! All of you do. We miss you guys but we're so happy you are having a great time.! Love you!

Melyssa said...

Hey guys! you guys look awesome and I'm so jealous you get to go to the beach everday. I miss seeing jackson and hearing his cute little voice. And payton is so adorable! Smoosh him for me. I love you guys and maybe you guys could send me your address. We all miss you and good luck in school nate. I know its rough, especially with kids/family. And jess you look more like an older sister than a mom in your pic. you look great! I'm glad your having a great time. Love you guys!

Johnny and Mickey Hicks said...

Jess I love the pictures... the boys have got so much bigger since the last time I saw you. Glad to see you guys are doing so well.

Miss you,
Michelle (Foster) Hicks


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