Congratulations little man!!

Say Hello to my semi-potty-trained-friend!!

In all honesty I've kind of been dreading potty training Payton. He didn't seem too interested, and I just wasn't really eager to get started. Then one day he didn't take his nap. He just sat up in his crib for an hour talking and playing. I finally went in to check on him only to find that he took of his pants and diaper. There was poop everywhere. I was mad.

After this I decided I should take potty training a little bit more seriously. When I potty trained Jackson it was easy, structured, and essentially quick and painless. He was potty trained by the time he turned 2. It's been a little bit different with Payton. See, he lives life on his own terms. He's the sweetest kid in the world, but prefers to not have people telling him what to do. Even if that means holding his pee in for hours, he'll do it. But he does it with a smile on his face! So when I realized that having him on a structured schedule while potty training wouldn't work I tried something else. Nate thought maybe the problem was that Payton didn't like sitting on the big toilet. So Payton and I took a trip to Target and he picked out his own toilet that was just his size. This helped. He at least enjoyed sitting on it. But still, he didn't like me telling him to go pee.

So I just let him be a free spirit and I left him alone. I think this is what he wanted. He wanted to do it his own way. He had a couple instances when he completely wet himself. Then after that he wet his pants just a tiny bit, recognized what happened, and ran to the bathroom to go potty on the toilet.

This is all very consistent with his personality. He's very independent and prefers to figure things out on his own.

So here's to less money spent on diapers and wipes!!!!


the rowley mama said...

AAH! I can't wait... we're going to start the potty training this weekend (since we have the 4 day weekend!!) Hopefully it goes just as well. I think Vince is really interested in finding some way to stop having diaper changes... we'll just see how it goes.

Packer Family said...

Wow- Congrats! That is a huge achievment- guess that means I should start working on Diego- everytime I bring it up he says- "too scary" but you have inspired me to make a real effort. :) And I have to say seeing those bathroom wall tiles in the background is making me nostalgic. :):) Hope all is well!


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