Watch out for this one....

...He's a smooth talker.

Jackson has a serious love of Transformers. I'll admit to being a bad mother and confess that he's seen the first Transformers movie. He got introduced to the world of movie ratings when I told him he couldn't watch Transformers anymore because it's PG-13. Now anytime we want to watch a movie he asks me what it's rated. When the previews for the new Transformers movie started playing he got really excited. I told him he couldn't see the movie because he wasn't old enough. He tells me, "Mom, Transformers isn't PG-13. It's PG-"I" 3, and I'm 4. So I can see it."
This kid has got skills.


Desiree and Lars said...

What a smartie! I can just imagine when he is old enough to hit on girls. Watch out!

Jessica said...

I already have to watch out for him. The ladies love his blue eyes!

Booker and Khinna Kaminske said...

He's the friendliest little guy too. Everytime he sees me he always says, "Hi!" It's adorable :)


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