The Curious Sleeping Habits Of Mr. P

Payton's sleeping habits boggle my mind. He generally won't nap in his bed, but he never fails to fall asleep in the shopping cart at Target. Every once in a while if he's really really worn out he'll fall asleep in the middle of playing.

This is just a sampling of positions I find him sleeping in.



Amanda said...

So good to see new posts from you! Jonny went to Ft. Huachuca at the exact same time last year - I am so excited for you that Nate is almost done. Jonny is deploying too...yuck. I miss Monterey too! Winter here is depressing. Your little Payton looks so much bigger and different than when we last saw him.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I'm SO over the snow!! And Payton is so different from the last time you saw him! I can't believe how long ago that was. I need to get a hold of you and get together sometime.

Carlson Family said...

Peyton does look different! He's growing into a little boy. :) Jackson is so flippin cute.

I miss you.

Welcome back to the blogging sphere. I've missed you. :)


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