It seems as though living by the ocean gave me inspiration to blog! Or maybe my blog lull is due to the fact that I'm actually experiencing winter this year. Who wants to take pictures of dirty ugly snow? But I figured I could at least give an update to any people who still visit my sad little blog.

Nate is going to another school in Arizona living in the barracks and going to school all day. He did get to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and hopefully he'll be done in March and back home. His time at home may be short-lived though. His unit is deploying in June, but we don't know yet if he'll be going. Cross your fingers.

Jackson is in Kindergarten and LOVES it. He's really starting to figure out the reading thing and he has so many little friends. All the girls seem to have crushes on him too. But really, can you blame them? He's also loves his CTR 6 class. There are 4 other boys in the class and they are all so cute.

Payton is the sweetest most stubborn little boy in the world. He refuses to truly potty train. In fact, not even 2 minutes ago he stealthily pulled off his underwear and pooped on the floor. He was two feet away from the bathroom. He also sneaks into my bed at night and I'm such a heavy sleeper that I usually don't even realize he's there until the morning comes and I'm halfway off the bed. I still don't understand how a pint-sized two year old can hog a King size bed.

I'm still at home with the boys and loving it. We have a cute little apartment here in Utah and I'm really happy to be here. I'm the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency and I'm really enjoying it. I love being there with the kids and Jackson thinks it the coolest thing that I get to be in there with him.

We really miss Monterey, but we're so glad to be back here in Utah close to family!

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