Nate got hooked on what I thought was the most ridiculous show. I could not believe he was watching it because he only watches "manly" stuff. The show is called "Jerseylicious" and it's the funniest show I've ever seen in my life!!! It's all about a bunch of big haired, overly makeup-ed jersey girls workin' in a salon and the "drama" is hilaaaaaarious. If you have the Style Network I highly recommend this show. And I can say this because I went to beauty school for a short time in Utah, but these jersey girls are strikingly similar to the stereotypical Utah girl with the huge hair, massive amounts of make-up and insane overcompensation with the attitude.
We love it!!!!


theblibbys said...

HA HA HA~! I love your comment about Utah big hair.....so classic! I remember the first time I got my hair done in Utah and the girl teased it and then smoothed it over...I was like NO!!!!!

Kyle said...

Wow! I love the clip and think I am hooked.


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