Payton got his Tonsils and Adenoids removed last week. Since last Wednesday my life has been a blur of sleeplessness and the screaming of a miserable child. He's FINALLY starting to resemble his normal self. I'm praying that no one else in my family ever has to have their Tonsils removed. It's awful.

Luckily Jackson is such a good loving brother. He's been so patient with his grumpy little brother. He was practicing his letters by himself on his little dry-erase board last week and when he was done I found this.....

{TRANSLATION: I hope you feel better To Payton}

He's always thinking of his little brother. I've never known another little boy that's as sweet as Jackson.


Brandis said...

That is the sweetest thing! Those are the things that make motherhood so rewarding. I hope Payton feels better soon!

Khinna said...

That is so sweet of Jackson. I love his beginning letters.


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