Nate took the SPEAKING part of his DLPT last week and felt really good about his performance. We won't know the score until he's done with the READING & LISTENING. He does the listening today and the reading tomorrow.

I've been all pre-occupied with physical therapy, doctors appointments, Harry Potter, Kindergarten Registration, and potty training Mr. P that I didn't even give myself time to freak out about the seriousness of this testing. Since my kids got up before dawn cracked I had plenty of time to quietly freak out in my brain while I cooked breakfast for Nate and the boys (I thought it might help Nate on his test if he got a break from the usual breakfast of cold cereal).

It's not like this is a normal test like the ACT's. I mean, I prepped for my ACT's by going to a football game and screaming my head off and following that up with a rowdy visit to JB's for dessert. After 4 hours of sleep I woke up with a nasty cold & headache but still managed to get a respectable score.

No, this test is major. After all, we did pack up all our belongings and move our entire life to Seaside, CA so Nate could learn this language. And all the perks that the U.S. Military is contractually obligated to give us depend on Nate passing this test and moving on to the next phase.

So, it's a little bit nerve-racking.


Despite my moment of freaking out, I'm confident he'll do well. He's put in a lot of extra work and has a real determination to pass and get the "H" out of here (not in a mean way though, just, move on with life).


Desiree and Lars said...

Good luck Nate!! We really hope all goes well!! I'm going to be sad you are moving away...gosh, we should have gotten together a little more often. Oh and good luck with potty training!!

Jessica said...

We're bummed that we never made it down to SoCal. This place just keeps ya so busy. After he's done with all this training we do want to take a little trip so maybe we'll make it down then. I miss your face Desiree!!!


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