Happy Birthday Jackson!!

Jackson turned 5 today!!
We had planned on spending the day in Santa Cruz playing on the beach and going on rides. On Friday morning we were trying to find something fun to do. Nate wanted to go to L.A. but we figured taking a big trip right before we take a big trip isn't a good idea. So then he suggested Santa Cruz, but I reminded him that we were planning on going on Saturday. So he came up with the grand idea of staying the night in Santa Cruz.

So we combined Jacksons birthday celebration with our desire to live it up during our last weekend in California. It was perfection. I'll probably post millions of pictures about it tomorrow and drool while I do it.

So, here's the Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Jackson!!!


Usually when we come to the Boardwalk the boys go on all the rides together which means that Jackson ends up going on the tamest rides in the park. He always enjoyed himself, but, feeling extremely big today he wanted to go on the big people rides. This meant that I got to go with him.

The first ride he wanted to go on was the Ferris Wheel.

I've been avoiding Ferris Wheels since about the 5th grade.

My parents took us down to Lagoon when I was a kid and I was so excited to go on the HUGE Ferris Wheel that they have there. I was talking it up for weeks about how awesome it was going to be. Then when we got in line I freaked out, pulled my hat over my face and cried LIKE A BABY!! Seriously ya'll!!

I inherited some amazing qualities from my lovely Mom. One of the not so amazing things is a crippling fear of heights.

But because I love Jackson so dang much I put on my brave face and got in the Ferris Wheel line. I wasn't really sure how he'd do. Sometimes it kind of seems like he doesn't like heights, but you never can tell.

He LOVED it!!.

As soon as we got on the wheel went half way around and stopped us at the VERY TOP for about 3 mintues. I would've had a full blown panic attack right then and there if it weren't for the Lamaze techniques that I learned but never had to use. Steady breathing did the trick for me (but don't expect to see me on another Ferris Wheel anytime soon).
I felt the need to take pictures to prove to any doubters (Jackie) that I really did it.



Jackson told me about 50 different times during the trip that "This is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" and boy did he deserve it!!


Desiree and Lars said...

How stinking cute is he. And you crack me up. Glad the breathing techniques came in handy for something. haha.

Jackie said...

Great job! Great pictures! Cute Jackson! Pretty Mamma!

Amanda said...

I am deathly afraid of heights too and had the very same experience at Lagoon! I love my kids a lot, but never plan on going on a Ferris Wheel again. It stinks being a scaredy cat! Good luck with your move!


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