So Jackson starts school on Tuesday. In the past when I thought about my babies going to school I thought it would just be so dang heart-wrenchingly painful that I'd just sit and look at the clock and wait impatiently for the moment that I could go pick them up. But here we are, less than 48 hours away from Jackson going to ALL DAY school and I'm sitting here giddy as a school girl.

Payton will also be starting pre-school. In order to prepare him for when I go back to school full-time I'm putting him in ALL DAY pre-school 3 days a week. This will be a little harder since he and I are bff's and totally tied at the hip, but I'm so freaking excited.

While they're in school I can just be a real person. I'll go to the grocery store and hear nothing but the voices in my head and the distant bumblings of the other customers (I don't really hear voices in my head...). I'll be able to go to Target (my happy place) without emotional breakdowns about Transformers. I'll get to spend time with my girlfriends without worrying about taking a baby to the bathroom or wiping a runny nose. I'll be able to clean my house and not have a child follow right behind me and make a huge mess again. I'll get to go to the gym and not have to rush through the workout because I have a child in the nursery. I can workout for 3 hours if I want to. I won't, but I can, and that's the whole point.

Oh the possibilities!!


Amanda said...

I'm feeling a little bit the same way! A little sad, but also excited.
ps target is my happy place too...

Desiree and Lars said...

Hahaha...we all know you hear voices in your head. Don't deny it. Good luck with all your free time!


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