Spider Encounter

I think big disgusting spiders seek me out. They must be attracted to the screaming and jumping up and down that I do when I see them. Remember the really disgusting spider I encountered in Monterey??? This one was a little bit more dramatic.

In my cleaning one day I took the garbage bag out of the can, then left the can sitting around (call me lazy if you want to). Then instead of putting a new bag in the can I decided to pick up some of the toys that were laying around and put them in the can until I was un-lazy enough to put them back in their proper place. Then to further prove my laziness the can sat out for a couple days (while we used the bathroom garbage can to throw stuff away....lovely, I know). So one morning Jackson and I were standing in the kitchen. He says "Is that a spider?" and I say "Is that one of your toy spiders or a real spider". I realize it's a HUGE real spider and instantly start screaming. Then of course Jackson starts screaming. So I'm frozen and have no idea what to do. It was surrounded by toys so I didn't have a good smashing radius.

So after about 20 minutes of dry heaving I finally decide to take pictures of it, then to run the whole can outside. I debated about what to do next. Should I call my home teachers? Should I find a neighbor?


I saran wrapped the top of the garbage can to trap the bugger in. Then I taped all around it just to be safe. After I was confident that he was trapped I went to target and bought bug spray. Once I got home I cut a hole in the saran wrap, sprayed the bug spray and sealed the hole with another layer of saran wrap.

I'm sure at this point you're thinking that after the spider shriveled up and died I dumped everything out, cleaned up the toys and went on with life.

Well if that's what you think of me then you're totally wrong. I threw the whole thing away. Can. Toys. Spider. Everything.





Post Script: I feel like I have spiders all over me.


Desiree and Lars said...

Bahaha. Nice work woman. I hate them too....but I do get up the courage to smash them when there is no one else around.

Nicole & Trent said...

Ha ha ha. That is too funny. I had similar experience the other night with a ginormous beetle thing that was on our porch, blocking our doorway. Luckily my hubby was there, so natuarally I jumped up on his neck and freaked. After he peeled me off, he sprayed it with bug spray, but he was a stubborn beast, so he smashed it with a bucket, but when I told him to go get it off the porch, it had DISAPEARED!! I'm serious. I think that freaked me out more than the actual beetle. I think it came back to life and is growing even bigger so it can come and eat me alive. Ahhhhhh!


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