We had so much fun this year! The boys had three days of dressing up in their costumes. First they wore their costumes to the ward Halloween party/Trunk 'R' Treat.

Jackson got his face painted!

And Payton cried while Jackson got his face painted

Then on Thursday Jackson got to wear his costume to Pre-School. When Payton saw Jackson getting his Dragon on, Payton decided he wanted to wear his Monkey.

Jackson the Dragon!

Payton the Monkey!

The party animals!

Then they played for a while!

Jacksons good friend Ricky goes to his pre-school class so we caught some pretty sweet pictures of them together.

Then FINALLY we went Trick Or Treating tonight!!


Erin said...

It doesn't get any better than that!

Reade and Camille King said...

how cute are your boys?!!! how was trick or treating in monterey? how long are you going to be there?

Packer Family said...

I'm glad we got a chance to talk too- we think you guys are great! Your boys looked so cute for halloween- did they love it?? Diego was really getting a hang of knocking on the doors for candy. He thought it was the best thing ever!


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