Happy Birthday Nate!!

Nate is officially 30 today!! Unfortunately he has school today, then he has CQ tonight so that means he's pulling a 24 hour shift on his birthday. What a way to celebrate turning 30! We gave him his presents on Saturday, then yesterday we had some friends come over for a "BBQ" (we actually don't have an actually BBQ, so I cooked our turkey burgers in a pan. Lame, I know) and tried to play some games. It's hard to play games with 9 kids running around. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!!

We also had the Primary Program in church yesterday. All the kids did a really good job and it was a great program, but I was focused on Jackson. He got to speak and he did a really good job. He likes to talk into microphones. It was cute watching him sing too. He did really great at first, but as the program went on he zoned out (as did the rest of the Sunbeams!). It is so fun to watch him grow up. I think he might be growing up a little too fast. Thanks to his new "girlfriend" he's learning a little too much about being lovey dovey. His little friend Bella likes to cuddle with him, calls him husband, and we even caught her having him kiss her so she could "wake-up". Luckily he was only kissing her on the cheek. We might have to monitor those too more closely!


Erin said...

Yikes!!! They like to start young these days don't they? Hope Nate has a Happy Birthday!

Desiree and Lars said...

HAPPY BIFDAY Nate! You old man! lol. And how cute is your lil boy. It is so fun to watch those programs! They are so cute.


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