the good ol' days

i walked past an old ford bronco the other day. i'm one of those people that glances in the windows real quick. i'm not a thief checking for goods, i'm just a little curious. inside this bronco there was a stack of old cassette tapes and an old school tape deck with a tape sticking out of it. when was the last time you saw cassette tapes in regular every day use? 

it totally made my day.
then it got me reminiscing about the good old days.

i was in heaven when i was in 5th grade and got my very own alarm clock radio with a cassette player. i rode my bike down to IGA and bought some blank cassettes and i was ready to go! fully equipped to record any song that came on the radio. every night i would anxiously wait until 9:00 for the "hot 9 at 9" so i could record all the songs. when a couple friends started getting cd players and few years later i thought "this is never gonna catch on. why would you want a cd when you can record any song you want to a cassette straight from the radio?" but eventually i jumped on the cd bandwagon. before long we were all burning mixes for best friends and boyfriends. i still have bunch of them. remember how long it used to take to burn a cd? i remember spending almost an entire saturday at a friends house making a mix for my boyfriend. it took FOREVER!!!!

i don't feel like i'm old enough to be saying this, but can you believe how things have changed over the years? We didn't have internet in my house until i was a freshman. that was 1998. i had a cell phone senior year that was only capable of making and receiving calls. no texts. no voicemail. nothing. now i have everything at my fingertips with one tiny little device. pretty much everything i need is in my iphone. thus explaining the picture of old cds spread across the floor. they haven't been used in years. i was getting ready to throw them out when the boys found them and starting playing with them. my first reaction was to say "NO, YOU'LL SCRATCH THEM!" but caught myself and let them have their fun.

here's to the good ol' days :)

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