more curious sleeping habits

you know how much i love taking pictures of payton sleeping!

like most moms i always check on my babes a few times before i finally go to sleep. they're just so cute. jackson has always been good about sleeping in his own bed. Payton on the other hand, he's a bed hopper. It didn't start until nate was gone. i like to think he started climbing into my bed to comfort me because i was so sad. by the time nate left for "the desert" he'd either climb in bed with me or climb in bed with jackson. 

now that life has returned to some form of normalcy he's still a little wanderer. i'm thinking he's a sleep walker. i was a really big sleep walker when i was little. methinks he inherited some of my crazy sleep habits! i've been known to fall asleep anywhere no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances. oh the stories i could tell.

anyhow, after i did my face washing & teeth brushing last night i came out to the living room to find him like this. he slept in this position for a solid 30 minutes. 

i love it!


Ginger said...

He looked so cute in his little jammies today. Love that kid.

Desiree said...

bahahaha...too cute


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