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a few weeks ago jackson and i were having a heart-to-heart and broke down crying and told me he couldn't concentrate in school and he felt like the dumbest kid in class. that was shocking for a couple reasons. 

#1 he's not dumb. #2 i had no idea he was struggling.

so of course i instantly started researching everything ADD, homeschool and a bunch of different things to find a solution to the problem. my boy who loves school was all of a sudden telling me he hates school and never wants to go back. 

i talked to his teacher, took him to the doctor to see if he needed to be tested for ADD, then sat down and talked to him again. a couple days had passed and he wasn't so emotional about it so we sat down and talked about it again. it turns out all the things that were bothering him were things that had simple solutions. the biggest thing though was the concentration. since nate is a veteran and is going to school full-time jackson qualified for free school lunch. so i gladly sent him off to school each day not worrying about lunch. come to find out they have two options each day. and from what jackson says he eats nachos every day. he said the other stuff is gross. no wonder he can't concentrate in school. a bowl of cereal in the morning and nachos for lunch? i won't be up for mother-of-the-year this year.

so we stopped having cereal in the morning and i started cooking him a healthy well-rounded breakfast. i also committed to sending him to school with a healthy lunch. it's been a week and there is already a huge difference. he feels better about himself and about school. he's concentrating and finishing his work faster. and he's happier and behaving even better at home. 

Food Matters!!!

banana, celery & all natural peanut butter, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese-cucumber-sprout sandwich on whole grain bread, annie's bunny crackers & mixed nuts, choc covered pretzels, V8.

turkey-cheese-romaine sandwich on whole grain bread, all natural apple-strawberry applesauce, chocolate almond mild, mixed nuts, carrots & ranch, annie's bunny graham crackers, mini babybel cheese wheel.

turkey-sprout-tomato sandwich, apple strawberry applesauce, cheese wheel, vanilla soy milk, annie's crackers and mixed nuts, yellow & orange bell peppers, chocolate covered pretzels.

peanut butter and honey sandwich, apple strawberry applesauce, cheese wheel, vanilla soy milk, mixed nuts, yellow and orange bell peppers, cherry tomatoes.
strawberries, grapes, apple strawberry applesauce, V8, annie's crackers, peanut butter and honey sandwich, cashews.

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Sarah said...

I love that lunchbox! Yes, food matters so much!


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