Pride and Prejudice

this little beauty arrived in the mail yesterday. 

i've never had much use for ebay. but i've been giving the boys a room makeover and was looking for some vintage things like globes, maps, books etc. i kept getting outbid on the things until i realized i could keep track of everything on my iphone. even though i have all this technology i'm still not totally up to date on how to use it all.


i ended up going to a local teacher supply store and found a beautiful globe and some world maps for the boys. apparently a ton of other people were looking for vintage globes too and i kept getting out bid at the very last second. please excuse my language when i say that's pretty douchey. but it is an auction so i guess it makes sense. maybe i'm too polite for the auction world. 

i did win some cool things though. jackson loves reading so i've started a small collection of vintage hardy boys books. 

and i ended up with this beautiful little copy of pride and prejudice. i wasn't even looking for it. i just happened upon it late one night. i was laying in bed in a haze. i don't know what i typed in to my phone, but before i knew what was happening i was bidding on that thing and watching it like a hawk for the next three days because i was determined not to get outbid for this little thing. 

i have many books on my bookshelf and all of them are possessions of great worth to me, but this one tops them all right now. i love jane austen. i especially love pride and prejudice. and i love vintage finds.

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