My latest projects

I started both of these quilts before we moved last year and never got around to finishing them once we got unpacked. The studio where I worked needed a baby quilt for their Silent Auction, so I found the opportunity to finally finish my projects. The blue one is completely hand stitched and took forever, but totally worth it! Now I'm back in the zone and want to sew all the time again!


Dasha said...

Those are both so beautiful. I am a little biased towards the pink flower one with my girls. Good job!

Erin said...

that's so awesome!!! I want to learn...maybe some day you can teach me to be as cool as you...will you?

Alex and Marie said...

Wow, I'm really impressed!

Sarah Anne said...

Those are awesome!! I would love to learn to quilt :) I especially love the flower one!

Amanda said...

Wow. You've got talent! I'm a bit of a quilter myself... getting more and more into it... I just LOVE IT!

Right now i'm making one for my brother... he's getting married in Jan... i'll have to post some pictures when i'm finished! yea! Quilters unite!


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