Smoothies and Bed-Wetting (Great combo huh!)

Payton is a super picky eater. If he had his own way he'd eat fruit bars 24/7. He doesn't like to eat real fruit. I think he probably has texture issues like me. I finally got him to eat strawberries and bananas, but they had to be Organic. Seriously. He could tell if they weren't Organic and he would spit them out. After a while I got tired of paying so much more for Organic fruit, and he wasn't too interested in the fruit anymore. I've found that smoothies are pretty much the only way to get fruit in his tummy so we've started having smoothies for breakfast. The smoothie the boys seem to like the best is this one:

3/4 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
3/4 cup 1% milk
2 teaspoons peanut butter
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries
2 teaspoons (chocolate) whey powder
4 ice cubes

(1 8-ounce serving has 235 calories, 11 g protein, 39 g carbs, 5g total fat (2g saturated), 4 g fiber) I use the smoothie as my breakfast meal replacement. They boys have it with their eggs and toast.

And here's a Jackson story that shows he's just like me.
When I was Jackson's age one of Jackie's friends spent the night. She wore knee-high socks to bed and we all slept in the same bed. I wet the bed, getting her socks completely wet. (Gross, I know). When we woke up in the morning I wouldn't admit that I wet the bed. I just kept saying, "I just sweat a lot when I sleep. I didn't wet the bed! I'm just really sweaty!"

So Jackson woke up this morning and had wet the bed. The first thing he said was, "Oh wow, I was really sweaty last night. I guess I better change my pants. I can't believe I was so sweaty."

(In our defense, we're both REALLY heavy sleepers, so when I was his age it just didn't register to me that I needed to go potty or that I had gone potty.)


Desiree and Lars said...

hmmm...I'm going to have to try that smoothie, minus the peanut butter. :P

Oh and I remember you being a sweaty girl in volleyball, so I believe your sweaty sleep story. haha

Jackie said...

How Jackson came up with that at his age is beyond me! That is funny!
oh Jess and soaking the knee high socks. I will never forget that incident.... That was the same friend who stole your barbie doll outfit so you attacked me by biting me so hard in the chest that you broke the skin and caused a major bruise for weeks!(maybe days:)
Seeing you sitting in the chair in the corner for hours never felt better!

Desiree and Lars said...

oh...Christmas. We drive up on the night of the 23rd. (That is Tues night.) Then we leave the following Sunday. So any day but Christmas probably. What would you be up for? Lars says we could go play in Santa Cruz or something. Any ideas?

Brandis said...

That's too funny. I remember a friend (who will remain unnamed:) and her sister spending the night once and BOTH of them wet the bed. She kept telling me that she just sweats a lot when she sleeps and I believed her but my mom (who was lucky enough to get to clean that up) knew better. :)

Erin said...

That's funny! Jackson and Payton are always so cute when they're here. We love it!

Desiree and Lars said...

So we are thinking that since we get in late on Tues, Lars will want to play with his neices and nephews on Wed. So lets shoot for Friday. Yeah? And no, I haven't been to Santa Cruz. Have you? Should we do that or go somewhere else?


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