Surprisingly Happy

Payton is a lot like me when he wakes up. He's generally moody and grumpy. Add the fact that he's almost 2 on top of that, and you've got a very challenging child on your hands for those 30 minutes after he wakes up. It was quite a relief for me when he woke up this morning and he was happy.

Nate went in to get him and the first thing he said to Nate was, "I poop." Then Payton came into my bedroom and told me that he pooped. So I laid him down to change his diaper. He put his hand over his nose and said what I usually say, "Oooh, Stinky. Yuck!" (He's never said that before).

Later on in the morning as I was getting Jackson ready for school Payton came in and decided to be really helpful. Jackson put on his clothes, then I sat him on his bed to put on his socks and his shoes. As I put on the socks Payton grabbed Jackson's shoes out of the closet and started to put Jackson's shoes on his feet. Of course I had to put them on for him. But when we were done he was so proud of himself for helping out.

I couldn't help but wish every morning would go like this. A morning where he didn't cry because there were no fruit bars. He didn't throw his plate and all his food on the ground. He didn't cry because we were out of juice. A morning where he's just happy and content. It was beautiful.


Chanelle said...

For sure gotta love days like that! Way to have a good morning! Hope they keep it up!

Erin said...

That is a beautiful morning. I hope that you get more of them!


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